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  • Mindful of Prop. 47 sentence reductions, Brown aims to scale back private prisons

    Gov. Jerry Brown proposes to cut California’s reliance on out-of-state private prisons by half, but seeks to postpone longterm discussion about the state’s own aging lockups and need to rent space from others until next year. The governor’s latest plans, contained in revised spending proposals released Thursday, call for shrinking the number of inmates housed


  • Riot at Vacaville prison injures three inmates, one officer

    More than fifty inmates at California State Prison, Solano, were involved in a riot Monday morning, sending three inmates and one correctional officer to a hospital outside prison grounds. Just before 7:10 a.m., inmates began fighting on one of the institution’s Level III medium-security yards, according to the prison’s public information officer Lt. Marlaina Dernoncourt.


  • PPIC Report: Alternatives to Incarceration in California

    Three-plus years after implementing a major realignment of its public safety systems, California continues to face pressure to reduce both its prison and jail populations. California relied on some alternatives to custody-based punishment before realignment but it has been expanding its use of others. Current research on the effects of incarceration and its alternatives offers


  • PPIC Report: “California’s Changing Prison Population”

    California has reduced its prison population to the court-ordered level, at least for now. California’s prison population has been on the decline for several years, since a 2006 peak of 163,000 inmates. In 2009, the U.S. Supreme Court ordered California to reduce its prison population to 137.5% of institutional design capacity. A mixture of reforms,


  • Correctional officer wounded in shooting at North Kern State Prison

    A correctional officer at Kern State Prison in Delano was shot Monday night. Authorities say the shots were fired from somewhere outside the prison’s fences around 7:30 p.m. on Monday. They say up to 20 rounds were fired into the facility… Staff Report in the ABC 30 News

  • California grapples with where sex offenders can reside

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — California cities and counties are grappling with how far they can go to restrict where sex offenders can live amid a shifting legal landscape. The California Supreme Court last month struck down San Diego’s blanket enforcement of a state law banning registered sex offenders from living near schools or parks. The


  • CalPERS contributions to rise more than 9 percent

    CalPERS is about to raise pension contribution rates again, this time by more than 9 percent, a move that will cost state government and local school districts nearly $600 million. The increases are the latest step by CalPERS to gradually shore up its finances. In early 2014, CalPERS said it would embark on a series


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