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  • For Corrections Officers and Cops, a New Emphasis on Mental Health

    By Simone Weichselbaum The relentless pressures of prison life on inmates’ mental health – gang violence, solitary confinement and arbitrary discipline, among them – have long been subjects for psychological and academic research. But the cumulative impact on corrections officers, including an apparent high rate of suicide, has rarely been studied in depth… FULL ARTICLE


  • California Maybe Replacing Its ‘Prison-Industrial Complex’ With Something Far Worse

    The main players in California’s “treatment-industrial complex” are the very same ones involved in the for-profit prison industry. By Sarah Cronin | June 14, 2017 California made headlines last week when Governor Jerry Brown allocated a record $11.4 billion to the state’s corrections department in his May Revision to the budget, translating to $75,560 per


  • California prison guards have good reasons to fear death penalty repeal

    As correctional peace officers working inside California prisons, we take Proposition 62 very personally, because it directly impacts our safety and the safety of the inmates we oversee. Proposition 62 would repeal California’s death penalty law, putting inmates and correctional officers at serious risk. The Sacramento Bee’s editorial board supports it (“End the illusion: Abolish


  • Why I’m voting to keep the death penalty alive in California

    After 30 years as a journalist in California, I’ve come to believe that my industry can unintentionally distort the public’s understanding of the death penalty. I’m not referring to political distortions rife in the state’s initiative process as voters consider two death penalty measures on the Nov. 8 ballot. (A yes on Proposition 62 would


  • California Supreme Court Rules for Jerry Brown in Prison Case

    The California Supreme Court, siding with Gov. Jerry Brown in a major prison case, on Monday overturned a lower court ruling blocking his initiative to make some nonviolent felons eligible for early parole. In a 6-1 ruling, the court found Brown acted within his discretion when he filed the November ballot initiative as an amendment


  • Jerry Brown’s crime initiative dealt major blow

    In a major setback for Gov. Jerry Brown’s sweeping prison and parole initiative, a judge on Wednesday ruled the measure was improperly filed, barring the state attorney general from issuing ballot language necessary for supporters to start collecting signatures. The initiative, which would make certain nonviolent felons eligible for early parole, was filed last month


  • California corrections chief aims to change prison culture

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. – California’s new corrections chief plans to add training on diversity and leadership for prison employees and to examine what has been effective in other states to change employees’ attitudes as he tries to alter a culture that often pits prison guards against inmates and outsiders. “They (guards) have worked under very difficult


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