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  • Realignment: Progress and Challenges

    Expectations were high when California rolled out public safety realignment in October 2011; many expressed optimism that the reform would significantly address prison overcrowding and reduce the state’s high recidivism rate. Now that realignment is approaching the three-year mark, has the reform delivered? In some important ways, yes, it has. But a fundamental issue remains:


  • California inmates win class-action status over race-based treatment

    A federal judge in Sacramento on Wednesday awarded class-action status to California prison inmates who allege that their rights are violated by what they say are widespread instances of race-based punishment. Prison officials acknowledge they respond to outbreaks of violence by ordering sanctions, including sweeping lockdowns, that can last for months. They say every inmate


  • L.A. Times Sues California for Info on Murder Suspect-Parolees

    The Los Angeles Times sued the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation for records on two registered sex offenders who are accused of raping and murdering four women while on parole. Los Angeles Times Communications claims the records will “shed light on shortcomings” in the prison department’s supervision of parolees. Elizabeth Warmerdam in the Courthouse


  • Report: California among national leaders in cutting prison population and crime

    In a six-year period, California simultaneously cut its prison population by 23 percent and its violent crime rate by 21 percent — both over the national average, according to a new report by the Sentencing Project. The group, which advocates for sentencing reform, found that during 2006-2012, the national violent crime rate dropped by about


  • Paroled sex offender charged with new sex crime

    Another paroled child sex offender who was living in East County was arrested this week for another sexual assault. And this time, prosecutors want to put him away for a very long time. One of the questions in this case: did he get better while he served his time? Sheriff’s investigators say well, he committed


  • Admissions Resume at Stockton Prison Health Facility

    The federal receiver who manages medical care in California prisons reopened admissions Monday at a Stockton facility for the state’s sickest inmates. The receiver’s decision ends a temporary court-ordered suspension at Stockton’s California Health Care Facility. In early 2014 the federal overseer of medical care in California prisons suspended all transfers to the $800 million


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